Chicago Schools' Investigation Uncovers Multiple Instances Of Fraud, Employee Misconduct

Friday, January 6, 2012

A new report released by the Chicago Public Schools' inspector general has uncovered a host of misconduct allegations against CPS employees and officials, including improperly disbursed benefits that resulted in a loss of over $1 million in district funds.

The 38-page report published on the school system's website Wednesday details repeated incidents of employee misconduct. Numerous school employees and two law enforcement officials were found to have falsified documents to add their children to free or reduced-price lunch lists reserved for low-income families. Other falsified records were found to misrepresent employee attendance and residencies, and improper invoicing practices were uncovered that violate district-wide consulting policies.

CPS spokesperson Marielle Sainvilus called the report's findings "both serious and disappointing," and said that the district plans to use recent leadership changes as a platform to launch more far-reaching adjustments to current oversight and enforcement practices.

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