Chicago Schools Moves to Crack Down on Bullying

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

School staff and students who see a child bullying another would be required to report it, and accusations of such behavior would have to be investigated within 10 school days under a proposed Chicago Public School Student Code of Conduct that includes a crackdown on the hot-button problem.

In addition, principals would have to keep working with all parties until “the situation is resolved,’’ including until “the target reports feeling safe and is interacting civilly with the perpetrator,’’ under the proposal up for a School Board vote Wednesday.

Other elements of the new CPS Student Code of Conduct include allowing in-school suspensions to be used as an alternative, or in combination with, out-of-school suspensions, and lowering the automatic minimum penalty for the most serious offenses, including murder and arson, from 10 days out of school to five days in or out of school. However, students accused of the most serious offenses would still be subject to expulsion.

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