Clark County School Board Raises Concerns About Costly, Unchecked Change Orders on Construction, Renovations

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Thursday, July 12, 2012

As the Clark County School District prepares for a potential capital improvement overhaul, its School Board is looking more closely at the mounting cost of change orders to school construction and maintenance projects.

School Board members said Wednesday there was a widespread public perception that contractors are “gaming the system” by bidding low on building projects to receive the contract, and then getting more money by putting in change orders, which alter the terms, breadth and cost of the project.

“I think there is a perception out there that it hasn’t been on the up and up,” School Board President Linda Young said during a work session Wednesday. “We’re airing our concerns in public. These (change orders) need to come to the forefront.”

Change orders usually occur when unforeseen site conditions are discovered, when design deficiencies are found, a government agency levies a requirement or the School District changes the scope of the project under construction.

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