Clark County Taps 24-Year Veteran as New Deputy Superintendent

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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Associate Superintendent Pat Skorkowsky was introduced as the next deputy superintendent of instruction for the Clark County School District.

A 24-year veteran of the School District, Skorkowsky has moved up the ranks from teacher and principal to academic manager and associate superintendent. During his tenure as associate superintendent, Skorkowsky worked with 108 of the district’s 357 schools on curricula and aligning resources.

As the deputy superintendent, Skowkowsky will work closer with Superintendent Dwight Jones as part of his “reform”-minded cabinet to boost classroom instruction.

“(Skorkowsky) believes in the path we have taken to raise the academic bar and ensure every child is ‘Ready by Exit’,” Jones said in a statement. “Pat’s professional motto is ‘Every student, every classroom, without excuses, without exception.’ I think that’s just right.”

Skorkowsky replaces Pedro Martinez, who was tapped to lead the Washoe County School District. Martinez – who was with Clark County for just over a year – begins his first year as superintendent of the Reno-based school district on Wednesday.

Under Martinez, the School District demonstrated improvements in student achievement, including gains in test scores and graduation rates. The district – considered by Education Week as a “drop-out epicenter” – increased its graduation rate by 6 percentage points to 65 percent this past school year.

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