Classroom sound line version announced by FrontRow

Friday, May 2, 2014

FrontRow releases a new version of its Juno classroom sound line: Juno Connect. It lets teachers use voice commands to control projectors and other devices, record and post screen capture videos, and initiate and answer intercom calls without ever touching a computer. The special new network module routes paging and intercom conversations through the Juno Tower, making them much more intelligible. FrontRow says Juno Connect creates a more efficient and productive classroom, helps schools remove obstacles created by other technology investments, and rethinks paging and intercom infrastructure by focusing on the user experience.

“Juno Connect is really revolutionary. It takes classroom learning environments and efficiencies to a whole new level,” says Jeff Shaw, Product Manager at FrontRow. A sleek white wireless microphone sits around his neck. Shaw demonstrates by pressing a button on the mic and says “power up.” An enormous display monitor at the front of the classroom responds by suddenly turning on. Shaw proceeds to switch inputs for the display by saying what he wants to see. Having settled on the content he wants to show the class, he begins recording the screen and posting it to a student repository — again, only with a voice command and without having to be anywhere near the computer.

Finally, he says “intercom,” and starts conversing with the school secretary, whose voice streams clearly through the Juno Connect sound system. “By not having to run back and forth to the computer or a wall panel or a remote for all of these things, I can keep the flow of content and the focus of students on task, allowing me to devote critical classroom time to teaching. Instead of me chasing my technology around, it’s now responding to me.”

“When I needed a product that was easy to install, quick to implement, provided remote management, and functioned consistently, JUNO CONNECT delivered,” says Chris Moghtaderi, Director of Technology, Rincon Valley Union School District in Santa Rosa, California. “With JUNO CONNECT, installation took minutes and not hours, the teachers picked up the intuitive management within seconds, and I can manage the equipment from my office across the network instantly. JUNO CONNECT has allowed me to accomplish more in my day and to focus efforts and energies to what really matters. JUNO CONNECT is a game changer.”

FrontRow’s product development and engineering teams developed Juno Connect not only to boost efficiency in the school, but also to complete a unification of the company’s major communication technologies. In a single tool, it offers all the student achievement benefits of FrontRow’s other classroom sound systems, plus the advantages of automated lesson capture pioneered last year with the Juno system. With voice-activated control of a wide variety of devices, Juno Connect leverages the company’s ezRoom AV control technology, and when used together with FrontRow’s Conductor IP-based paging/intercom/bell platform, it allows totally hands-free two-way communication with the front office. “The phrase ‘effortless communication’ has been our internal vision statement for a number of years now,” says Jens Holstebro, President, FrontRow. “Juno Connect is our strongest delivery to date on that promise.”

The Juno Connect package includes a teacher microphone, an audio tower with built-in networkable control module, and Teacher Edition software. The control module interfaces with any controllable device either through the school network or directly via RS-232. Custom actions — single or multiple/cascading — can be triggered for each of the nine standard voice commands (for example, turning on a projector and dimming lights simultaneously). The Windows and Mac compatible software also allows voice-activated capture of screen activity (e.g., a math lesson), automatic titling of the video based on the teaching schedule, plus automatic posting — a significant aid for homework support and moving toward blending/flipped learning and differentiated instruction. The network module serves as a streaming endpoint for the Conductor paging/intercom platform, eliminating the need for separate amplifiers, 70-volt speakers, and wiring. The suggested educational price of the FrontRow Juno Connect begins at US$1,499.

About FrontRow

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