Classrooms of the Future: New Digital Textbooks and Other Mobile Technology

Courtney Williams's picture
Friday, February 17, 2012

Interactive textbooks for the iPad and other digital instructional materials from Pearson are taking center stage days after the U.S. Department of Education announced a move toward digital textbooks and other mobile learning technology for classrooms of the future.

Superintendents and other school leaders from Texas and around the country will gather in Houston this week to share ways to help teachers improve student achievement and better prepare students for college and careers with technology like interactive textbooks and other powerful classroom tools.

A pioneer in digital and mobile learning, Pearson worked with Apple to recreate the textbook and help teachers offer a learning experience for students illuminated with color, video, 3D animation and interactive images. Pearson’s iBooks and other digital instructional materials are built on decades of expertise and research in effective teaching and learning.

As the American Association of School Administrators’ (AASA) National Conference on Education kicks off in Houston this week, schools are making a major push to transform the classroom experience in Texas and across the country by integrating digital instructional materials proven to work, such as those provided by Pearson.

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