Clayton Mo. Schools say Conforming With Student Transfer law Would be Impossible

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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

It would be impossible to provide education for the estimated 3,600 students that could transfer to Clayton schools this fall under state law, the district’s interim superintendent testified this morning in St. Louis County court.

“That could be disruptive. Without planning, it would be very difficult,” Sharmon Wilkinson said on the stand. “When I speak of disruptive, I mean disruptive to the education that we are responsible for providing to children.”

Wilkinson was the first witness called in the second day of a student transfer case that could have broad implications for those in unaccredited districts in Missouri.

The case, Turner vs. Clayton Public Schools, is on trial this week in front of Judge David Lee Vincent III. City parents filed the suit in 2007, seeking tuition bills to be paid by the St. Louis Public Schools, which had lost accreditation. The case made its way to the state supreme court, which ruled in the parents’ favor, but sent the case back to Vincent to hear more evidence.

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