College readiness gap reveals core problems

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Scores from Montana’s first year of ACT testing for all public high school graduates show plenty of room for improvement. Yet Montana’s overall scores are about average for states that test all their grads.

According to the ACT college testing organization, the average national composite score for the class of 2014 was 21. But only 57 percent of graduates nationwide took the test, generally test takers already were planning on going to college.

Montana grads had an average composite score of 20.5, but the state tested 100 percent of its graduates. Among the 11 states testing 100 percent of grads, Montana ranks fifth – below Utah (20.8), Colorado (20.6), Illinois (20.7), and North Dakota (20.6). But Montana grads outscored Wyoming (20.1), Tennessee (19.8), North Carolina (18.9), Mississippi (19), Michigan (20.1) and Kentucky (19.9).

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