Colorado Education Association lawsuit seeks to undo reforms

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Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Colorado Education Association is announcing a highly anticipated lawsuit Wednesday that will challenge parts of education reforms put into place by lawmakers in 2010.

According to a media release from the CEA, the litigation will address "proven flaws in the mutual consent provision of Senate Bill 10-191 that allows school districts to remove qualified teachers from the classroom."

While nothing has been filed in court, the lawsuit likely will be on behalf of teachers from Denver Public Schools who lost their jobs after the district introduced a pilot program based on Senate Bill 10-191, also known as SB191.

The statute of limitations for those dismissed teachers to file suit was rapidly approaching in August when the State Board of Education voted to extend the deadline to be sued - a decision that was first reported by The Gazette. That vote was met with backlash by some who feared the board was avoiding a contentious issue before voters decided on a $1 billion education tax increase.

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