Colorado's First TCAP Scores Show Small Gains, Writing Dip, Growth

Lauren Williams's picture
Friday, August 10, 2012

Small statewide gains and a couple of curious declines marked the inaugural 2012 results of TCAP — the Transitional Colorado Assessment Program — that, for the most part, continued a flat performance trend from the CSAP test it replaced.

But when it came to academic growth — measuring students' year-to-year improvement — some encouraging data emerged, notably in the Denver Public Schools, where massively revamped schools posted significantly improved numbers.

Green Valley Elementary, a turnaround school in far northeast Denver, posted the highest gains in the district but also ranked in the top 10 of all schools statewide in math growth.

That was only one facet of growth data that bolstered the highly contentious DPS move to reinvent schools in the far northeast, as well as in west Denver. In fact, DPS superintendent Tom Boasberg spoke enthusiastically about growth that spanned all types of schools — district run, charter, turnaround, innovation — and continued a largely upward trend.

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