Colts Neck (N.J.) High School Opens its Doors to Irene Evacuees

Monday, August 29, 2011

With hurricane Irene making its way towards the Jersey shore, thousands of residents are taking refuge in the many shelters being set up across the state. Several of the shelters have reached full capacity, calling for more emergency locations to open and accept New Jersey residents. One such newly opened shelter is at Colts Neck High School.

Operated by a team of volunteers and managed by experienced volunteer Diana Noble, this shelter is running at full force to accommodate as many people as it can.

With 250 cots set up in the school?s gymnasium, the shelter is equipped to provide one blanket per person. If you plan on seeking refuge here, they are asking that residents bring their own pillows, toiletries, medications, snacks, and any other items needed. The American Red Cross has provided meals for guests and the township OEM, along with the Visiting Nurses of Central New Jersey, are doing their best to provide medical care.

While there?s no way to know exactly how many residents they?ll house at the shelter tonight, the numbers are continuing to grow as the hurricane gets closer. One such Asbury Park resident arrived at this shelter earlier today with her six children, to avoid the dangerous winds and flooding in her area.

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