Common Core and more -- why don't parents get to have a say in their kids' education?

Lauren Williams's picture
Thursday, September 5, 2013

The unforgettable moment of parental bonding in the delivery room deceives many parents. After all, in today’s society, mothers and fathers are encouraged to be there for their children from first breath, cutting the umbilical cord, cheering at soccer matches, and helping in the doctor’s office, where many a queasy parent is asked to assist with something that can make a grown man go weak in the knees.

Most parents diligently work to raise up a generation of strong, confident, intelligent people, who know how to use the potty.

Which leaves many of us incredulous when it comes to the 1950s flashback – like expectant fathers in a hospital waiting room from an episode of “Mad Men” – that occurs when we start to engage in our children’s education, as “experts” in our modern day school system block us at the door to keep our parental cooties outside.

Suddenly, parents should be seen and not heard, while we keep the checks coming.

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