Common Core Setting a New Education Standard for Ohio

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Monday, March 19, 2012

The Common Core will replace Ohio's state standards adopted in 2002. Prior to then, local districts developed their own curriculum standards.

Place three rectangles of varying shapes and sizes in front of a group of third-graders.

In today's classes, a teacher might ask what the length of one side is, or what the area is. In a year or two, however, the broader question might just be: "What size are these?"

Educators are being asked to teach differently, thanks to the new Common Core State Standards. This means the classroom could operate much differently come 2014 -- although some districts are implementing them sooner.

The rectangle question represents the difference between new and old, said Terri Bucci, who specializes in mathematics education at The Ohio State University's Mansfield campus.

Current questions of students might be closed-ended, written for a specific response. A question asked under the Common Core standards, however, will be open-ended and require students to think critically.

It allows "a deeper understanding of ideas, being able to meet each child where they are," Bucci said.

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