Common ground: Educating border kids

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Cal Thomas is a conservative columnist. Bob Beckel is a liberal Democratic strategist. But as longtime friends, they can often find common ground on issues that lawmakers in Washington cannot.

CAL: This newspaper has reported that as many as 50,000 unaccompanied children who have illegally crossed the Southern border will soon enter our public schools, costing taxpayers and burdening schools that are already overcrowded and challenged to meet higher academic standards. Student-teacher ratios have increased in some states in recent years, largely because of immigrant children, legal and illegal. Adding more will make it worse for all students.

BOB: There are 50 million students in the public school system (K-12). We can absorb an increase in students of 0.1%. Yes, the rise in public school enrollment is due mostly to Hispanic children, but the vast majority of them are here legally. There may be many of them born here to people who entered the U.S. illegally, but under our Constitution, they are U.S. citizens.

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