CompuGuardian's E-Rate Initiative Helps Protect Students from IT Department Budget Cuts

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Monday, December 10, 2012

At school the only person standing between your child and the dangers of the Internet is the IT administrator. This unsung hero has the impossible task to keep all the computers working, balance a limited budget and protect students from online dangers.

Safe Outlook offers CompuGuardian, an advanced monitoring software solution for schools and libraries, so that these heroes have the computer management tools they need to do their job. In addition, the new CompuGuardian E-Rate Initiative makes monitoring school computers very easy and affordable.

Starting in July 2012 schools and libraries are required under new federal regulations to monitor the computer activities of all users under 18 years old. This new amendment to the Children's Internet Protection Act places could place a huge burden on IT staff and technology budgets. If schools and libraries fail to meet this requirement, they will not qualify for federal E-Rate funding. "The answer to this dilemma," says Safe Outlook president David Kent Jones, "is to have E-Rate funding help pay for E-Rate computer monitoring requirements."

CompuGuardian is 60% E-Rate eligible, reducing the cost to schools and libraries by more than half. This web-based software logs all computer activities on a secure server and provides customizable reports so that IT administrators can quickly identify issues. The computer monitoring software not only protects students, but helps IT staff to identify wasted software licenses and computer resources to save schools and libraries even more money. CompuGuardian also blocks inappropriate web sites, programs and sends alerts when rules have been broken. Since all monitoring and remote control features are web-based, IT administrators don't even have to leave their desk to manage their computers.

For a limited time, the CompuGuardian E-Rate Initiative will help schools and libraries bridge the funding gap between now and the beginning of the next E-Rate period beginning July 1, 2013. Organizations that order CompuGuardian by Feb 28, 2013 for the 2013-2014 school year can use CompuGuardian absolutely free between now and July 1, 2013. There is also a 30-day free trial available so that schools and libraries can evaluate the software before ordering.

Safe Outlook is a software company that specializes in web-based computer monitoring for homes, schools, libraries, businesses and organizations. Their remote computer monitoring and control software solutions, like CompuGuardian, protect children and adults from online pornography, cyberbullying, sexting, illegal drugs, violence, gambling, addiction and inappropriate content. Safe Outlook technology helps organizations realize huge cost savings and productivity increases through computer usage awareness and centralized computer management.