Conn. Gov. Awarded for Education Efforts

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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Governor Dannel Malloy is picking up an award for his efforts to revamp the state's education system.

"He is leading an educational policy reform agenda that really is needed and has been needed for a number of years in this state," said Dr. Christina Kishimoto, Supt. of Hartford Public Schools.

Hartford Public School students have narrowed their achievement gap with the rest of the state by a third since 2006-2007. The superintendent says much of that has come during and because of Governor Malloy's time in office.

"We've been at the legislature for six years, saying 'We need this, we need this,' and to have a Governor come in and say that he sees the need for this, statewide, has been very important to us," said Kishimoto.

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