Connecticut District's PTA Wants Smartboards and More

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

It's the year of bonding, technology and guidance counselors.

At Saturday's budget hearing in Madison Middle School, Daniels Farm School parent and school PTA member Jen Kehley asked the finance board to fund smartboards.

"Schools and teachers are now looking to the PTA for help," she said.

While parents are willing to contribute money, the schools should be supplying technology, Kehley said. "[There's] great inequality across the schools."

Parent Lainie McHugh later added that, by law, PTAs cannot buy technology for school districts, and risk losing their IRS status if they do.

The school district's proposed technology program, "Project Catapult" is part of the a budget request also containing increases in salaries, benefits and staff. The school board will have to trim at least $1.862 million from its proposal.

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