Connecticut Education Commisioner Pryor: Don't Delay Education Reform

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Education Commissioner Stefan Pryor Wednesday deflected calls for delaying some of the governor's proposed education reforms, saying the time for reform is now.

A day earlier, at Tuesday's impassioned hearing before the legislature's Education Committee, teachers union representatives and others argued that some reforms should be put off until the state's recently approved teacher evaluation system is fully operational.

But Pryor said any delay would be "at our peril. ... The children of our state have waited long enough," in some cases trapped in schools that have "stagnated."

"This is our moment…" Pryor said. "The stars are aligned to pursue meaningful education reform." Scores of people testified to the Education Committee Tuesday about teachers and proposed education reforms, but it was a 17-year-old Norwalk High School student who riveted lawmakers' attention with his account of unmotivated teachers he has had.

"On one hand I can count all the teachers that have really motivated me for success," said Edwin Rosales. "Considering that I have had over 50 teachers in my high school and middle school career, I consider that, for a lack of better terms, sad."

Asked by one legislator why there are so many unmotivated students, Rosales said it's because they are taught by unmotivated teachers.

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