Connecticut Education Plan Debate

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Friday, March 23, 2012

Since announcing his 163-page education plan last month, Gov. Dan Malloy of Connecticut has held 8 education town halls. Hundreds of teachers and parents have shown up. Some have been more contentious than others.

"Teachers have a calling," Malloy said. "We need to honor that calling and we need to recognize that calling and we need to hold all teachers to a level of achievement that honors that profession.

This all centers around senate bill 24, which increases funding for schools -- especially underperforming schools -- with strings attached. It increases early education seats and invests in teacher preparation. It also provides for changes to certification and tenure, specifically teachers would have to reapply every five years.

That has the teachers' union most upset.

"They're feeling targeted for ills in society that we can't control," said Anne Pasco, a teacher.

The union says it fears the legislation gives too much control the state in the underperforming schools and doesn't like how the new evaluations will be used to make decisions about tenure and certification.

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