Consultant: Thanks to Culture Change, Schools Never Safer

Monday, March 4, 2013

American schools are safe and getting safer. And the risk of lethal violence is infinitesimal.

That was the good news from a leading research consultant at a forum on school safety in Flagstaff Thursday.

The discouraging word was that a small but constant percentage of children still feel unsafe enough to stay away from school one or more days of the school year.

"The important thing we see in this is that nationwide, our schools are getting safer on every measure that we track," said Bradley Snyder of New Amsterdam Consulting in Phoenix. "In other words, we are doing something right. It's some combination of you as parents, school administration and staff, and first responders."

Local police, who also attended, told an audience of about 60 that local schools are about to get even safer with, a new All Points Bulletin message system for schools when danger threatens.

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