Controversial Parent Trigger Bill in Florida Debated

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A controversial bill that would allow parents to take over failing public schools in Florida is generating high emotions at the state Capitol.

Supporters say it gives parents a greater voice over how their children's schools are managed, while opponents call it an effort to let for-profit corporations take over public schools.

The legislation is being called the "parent trigger" bill because it would allow parents to take over failing schools if a majority of them choose that option. An "F" school would get one year to turn itself around and if it fails, then parents could gather petitions to take over control of the school.

With 51 percent of the school's parents, they would have power to transform the school into a nonprofit charter operated by a new board, send the students to other schools, or they could privatize it and hire a for-profit charter school to run the facility.

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