Critics Dominate Hearing on Indiana School Grading Changes

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Critics were virtually the only people who showed up for a public hearing on proposed rules changes they claim will lead to more schools being taken over by the state.

State school superintendent Tony Bennett was not at the hearing, and only one state school board member was on hand to hear dozens of complaints about the proposal to tweak Indiana's A-to-F school grading system.

Concetta Raimondi, Superintendent of Lawrence Township Schools, says the board's good intentions were ill-conceived, and claimed it would lead to private companies being brought in by the state to run schools that don't need the help. "Grading schools absent any reference to qualitative data and subsequently identifing schools for private takeover have inherent, unintended consequences."

The proposed change is a so-called "growth model" also used in Colorado. Schools recieve credit for high growth if their students' performance is better than two-thirds of all students.

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