A Delaware District Could Lose $2.5 Million In Federal Race To The Top Funds

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

In a unique move, Delaware education officials have threatened to withhold $2.5 million in federal funding from a district for failing to provide its teachers with sufficient time dedicated to planning.

The state's Department of Education has placed the Brandywine School District on notice after officials discovered that the district was not properly implementing mandatory 90-minute "Professional Learning Communities" planning periods for high school teachers, The News Journal reports.

The district has until next school year to properly implement the program, or face losing its portion of the state's $119 million Race to The Top grant. The state has also offered to provide assistance for implementation.

This marks the first time any official threat has been made to pull RTTT funding at any level. By September, every state that had won RTTT funding had postponed its deadlines for implementing reforms, but none had faced sanctions for doing so.

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