Democrats Continue Fight for Education Funding

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

In the final days of state budget negotiations, state House Democrats aren’t letting up on their push for an increase in public schools funding.

Democratic Representatives Eddie Day Pashinski of Luzerne County and James Roebuck of Philadelphia headed to the governor’s office today to lobby the Corbett administration to earmark more money for public education. They had petitions containing some 15,000 signatures, but they were met at the door by Education Secretary Ron Tomalis and that was as far as they were able to get.

Democrats are eyeing about $300 million the administration is projecting to have left over by the end of next fiscal year. The three men stood in the hall and debated. Pashinski expressed indignation that charter and cyber charter schools could be “overpaid” by their public school districts, while Tomalis defended those schools as public.

The Corbett administration argues public education has received more state dollars since the state started “backfilling” the budget holes created when school districts stopped receiving federal stimulus funds, but neither Roebuck of Philadelphia nor Pashinski accepted such a notion.

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