Denver Public Schools considers longer days for more schools

Monday, March 24, 2014

Nathan Karet wants more time to discuss time. He is a parent at Denison Montessori in southwest Denver where school leaders are considering adding 90 minutes to the school day.

"What it means now is that every parent is now losing an hour-and-a-half of contact time with their kids and that's the concern for my family and for a lot of other families at our school," Karet, father of two students, said.

But, across Denver Public Schools, the idea of having an expanded school day has grown as an improvement for more than just turnaround and innovation programs who needed more time to help struggling students.

"We really want our kids to have more learning time and learning time clearly for core subjects like reading and writing and math and science," Tom Boasberg, DPS Superintendent, said. "But, also for enrichment activities, the arts and the music and the sports."

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