Denver Public Schools election offers voters two paths

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Denver Public Schools is at a crossroads.

The district can double-down on Superintendent Tom Boasberg's reform efforts, which include shuttering low-performing campuses, fostering the growth of charter schools and encouraging the development of campuses that have the ability to waive certain teachers' union rights.

Or DPS can move toward a more traditional model that could place a moratorium on new charter schools in the district, bring greater focus to improving existing campuses and seek to minimize the role of standardized testing.

Voters this week will begin receiving ballots in the mail for the November election, which will determine the direction of the 84,000-student school district. Four of the school board's seven seats are up for grabs, and a shift away from the majority support Boasberg now enjoys could threaten his agenda and even his job.

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