Detroit Schools to Move 10 High Schools Into New 'Self-Governing' System This Fall

Friday, April 6, 2012

Detroit Public Schools is creating a hybrid system within the district this fall by converting 10 high schools into "self-governing" buildings, with a five-member board controlling the schools' budget, operations and hiring.

DPS Emergency Manager Roy Roberts unveiled his newest school turnaround plan to about 75 business and community leaders Wednesday night at the district's Breithaupt Career and Technical Center, asking them to take up board positions to support efforts at these schools.

The decision to create a set of self-governed schools, Roberts said, stemmed from the reality that only 1.2 percent of DPS graduates are college or career ready and 45,000 children in Detroit attend charter schools outside the district. He also noted that DPS, which has an $83.9 million deficit, loses state funding for each student who moves to a charter school.

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