Digital Wish Works With Dell to Expand Youth Learning

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Manchester Center, VT - August 31, 2012 - Digital Wish has been selected as a recipient of a 2012 Dell Powering the Possible grant. Digital Wish will receive funding in the form of cash grants and equipment donations to leverage technology and further the organization's mission of providing a brighter future for underserved youth.

Two schools in the Nashua School District will be selected to receive 50 laptops to create a program that provides one-computer-per-child in a selected classroom, and promotes the development of technology skills throughout the Nashua School District. Digital Wish's trainers collaborate with the classroom educators to teach courses on innovation and creativity, critical thinking, problem solving, technology literacy, and collaborative learning. After school, students will work with Dell volunteers to build innovative projects and computer games that require problem solving and newly developed IT skills.

"Digital Wish's current program in Nashua builds on Dell's past support of our 1:1 computing initiative in 24 schools in Vermont and one school last year in Nashua," said Heather Chirtea, Executive Director of Digital Wish. "We are very thankful as this continued partnership with Dell will allow us to replicate all of those valuable lessons we learned in Vermont and Nashua schools, and apply them directly to two more schools in the Nashua School District, bringing us one step closer to putting relevant technology in every classroom in America."

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