Disease Management Helps Employers Drastically Decrease Health Costs

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Friday, January 11, 2013

Med-Vision LLC (http://www.med-vision.com) announces that disease management and strategic wellness programs are helping employers reduce health claims cost.

Utilizing Med-View’s (http://www.med-view.net) health data analytics tools and member care-gap modeling methodology, Med-Vision’s strategists develop wellness plans based on the identification of members at high risk for adverse medical events, and resulting high costs.

“Disease management is a core business strategy that creates an opportunity to protect an employer’s investment in human capital,”said Connie Gee, vice president, health data analyst, and wellness strategist for Med-Vision.

One example is Pasco County schools efforts to enhance healthcare for its more than 8,000 employees. Because excess weight and diabetes were prevalent conditions, Med-Vision helped develop and implement an action-oriented wellness plan to better manage those conditions and associated costs.

Med-Vision worked with the district’s wellness committee and its on-site employee health and wellness centers, operated by CareHere and Crowne Consulting Group (www.crowneinc.com), to create an integrated care approach in mitigating chronic conditions.

Pasco schools’ 2012 results included a 34 percent decrease in diabetes claims costs. Thanks to the implementation of a strategic plan to enhance diabetes management, the District exceeded closing gaps in evidence-based care for HbA1C, foot exams, and eye exams by 26 percent. Teachers and staff also dropped 3,800 pounds through an employee “Health Report Card” and wellness programs encouraging employees to complete health risk assessments and track wellness participation with the goal of earning cash rewards.

Goals for 2013 include dropping a collective 2,400 pounds, adding cash rewards for wellness activities, and incentivizing screenings, stress management and employee assistance programs.

“Employers are realizing the financial and clinical benefits of aligning worksite wellness with disease management,” added Gee.

Med-Vision LLC and Med-View LLC:

Founded in 2005, Med-Vision (http://www.med-vision.com) delivers health plan risk management and wellness strategies to help employer groups achieve optimal employee health and productivity. In 2012, Med-Vision launched a proprietary healthcare data analysis tool, Med-View (http://www.med-view.net), to help employers identify and mitigate health risks. The firms cater to self-funded employer plan sponsors and impacts health plan members across the nation. Med-Vision has helped corporations, healthcare facilities, municipalities, and school districts to reduce risk, reverse trends, and decrease healthcare costs while increasing quality of care for their employees.