Do we really still need the Dept. of Education?

Lauren Williams's picture
Thursday, May 16, 2013

When executives of corporations are caught aiding and abetting criminal behavior of their employees, the executives are prosecuted and the businesses are destroyed.

It’s time to do the same with the Department of Education.

The DOE’s unconscionable high-stakes testing through Bush’s “No Consultant Left Behind” and Obama’s “Slog To The Bottom” have produced millions of dollars for consultants, tedious hours of “data training” for teachers who would be more effective actually teaching and compelled hundreds of teachers to cheat for profit or survival.

At least 178 teachers and principals are involved. Superintendent Beverly Hall is being prosecuted as the ringleader, allegedly raking in half a million dollars in bonuses for “excellence in academic achievement.” That “achievement” was changing the answers on students’ CRCT tests to reap millions for her district.

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