Early Numeracy Success seminar offered by SDE

Monday, March 10, 2014

The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) have specifically laid out the mathematical strands teachers must teach to meet state benchmarks and curriculum goals. But the challenge most educators are facing now is not what to teach, but HOW to effectively teach it.

Staff Development for Educators' (SDE) seminar on Early Numeracy Success! Strategies for Building a Strong Math Foundation seminar, offered this spring for educators of grades K-2, is designed to take the guess work out of how to teach math content the way today's rigorous standards require. Educators will explore how to encourage higher-level thinking through discovery and collaboration and examine kid-friendly ways to bring the 8 Mathematical Practices to life using research-based best teaching practices.

In this seminar, veteran classroom teacher and early numeracy authority Anni Stipek will guide educators through quick and easy-to-use tools for transforming the way they teach math. Rich with research-based, top Singapore Math teaching practices, teachers will discover how to build their daily instruction to grow confident, competent, and mathematically-proficient students.

Stipek, an inspiring and knowledgeable classroom teacher with more than 20 years of experience, draws on her solid background of math curriculum design and implementation, along with key strategies she learned in her travels to Singapore to learn about the power of Singapore Math first-hand, to help teachers transform the way they teach math.

"The strategies in this seminar are tailored to the K-2 classroom and make it easy to deliver instruction rooted in the Common Core State Standards and its 8 Mathematical Practices," explains Stipek. "And because these strategies are aligned to the best Singapore Math instructional strategies, students will catch on quickly and be turned into math thinkers who experience math success."

Teachers will explore specific and engaging strategies for subitizing and decomposing numbers, comparing, counting, adding, subtracting, and more. Stipek will help build on the powerful concrete-pictorial-abstract instructional approach to address the math challenges K-2 students commonly experience. She'll effectively guide educators through ways to use engaging math manipulatives and models to teach deep understanding and save time to make math a visual and concrete experience to ensure that students retain what they learn long-term.

In addition, Stipek provides ready-to-use ideas for getting students exploring, manipulating, talking about, and understanding numbers every day. Her fun-filled lessons and fresh activities and games will help educators reinforce important concepts with students, leading to huge strides in building math conceptualization.

The seminar is designed for new and veteran teachers alike.

"I promise that teachers will return to their young mathematicians confident, excited, and fully prepared to set them on an early path to math success," says Stipek.

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Early Numeracy Success will be offered in Memphis, TN on March 6th, and Columbus, OH on April 3rd. Educators interested registering for this seminar, or learning about more about SDE's national conferences, upcoming SDE events, or other professional development opportunities, can visit www.SDE.com, call 1-800-462-1478, or email customersatisfaction@sde.com.