East Pennsboro (Penn.) Area School District Considering Fees for Sports and Activities

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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Administrators in the East Pennsboro (Penn.) Area School District have asked the school board to consider imposing a fee for participation in school sports and activities starting in the next school year.

Administrators Monday also suggested increasing ticket prices for attending athletic events.

For sports and activities that involve extra-duty contracts for faculty and the use of school transportation, the fee would be $25 per student and $10 for students who are eligible for reduced lunch. Students eligible for free lunches would not have to pay the fees.

Sports and activities that do not require transportation would pay $12.50 per activity or $5 for those eligible for reduced fee lunches. Service organizations would be exempt from paying the fees.

A cap of $100 per student would be in place, and no family would be required to pay more than $200.

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