Easton Area School District in Talks to Launch Cyber Academy

Lauren Williams's picture
Friday, September 14, 2012

Easton Area School District students may soon be able to obtain diplomas without leaving their homes if the district approves a proposed cyber academy.

Director of Teaching and Learning Steve Furst presented what he calls the “Easton Area School District Cyber Academy” to the Easton Area School Board during an Academic Committee meeting Tuesday night.

The plan is to launch a cyber school through a partnership with the Pittsburgh-based Virtual Learning Network. The district will be able to customize 35 Easton Area courses per year and use courses from other VLN-affiliated schools. Cyber students -- which could be in grades 4 through 12 -- could take a hybrid of online and in-school classes and participate in extra curricular activities.

Furst said now is the time for the district to “jump in.” Students want more freedom and flexibility, and cyber classes will provide that, he said.

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