eBOARD's Evaluation Module Now Supports Wider Variety of Leadership Evaluations

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

eBOARDsolutions announces a major update to the eBOARD Evaluation module. The Evaluation module, created to help streamline and align leadership evaluations now accommodates a wider variety of leadership evaluation templates including complex models that include rubrics and multi-layer evaluations.

School districts and other organizations subscribing to eBOARD can use these web-based tools to enhance, align and streamline governance and leadership evaluations and assessments such as school board standards, board self-assessments, superintendent evaluations as well as more efficiently prepare for district accreditation

Other than the alignment of the evaluations to the organizational goals, meetings and policies, this paperless tool also helps ensure that the evidence provided is easier to access than the traditional paper-based binders. Furthermore respondents can review evidence at their own pace and submit ratings and comments which are automatically collated by the software to be used by the group review. Finally the tools also provide a systematic way for the evaluation team to gather as a group to review responses, finalize the review and develop concrete action plans based on the results of the review.

Within eBOARD, organizations can design and use their own evaluation instruments or use/modify any of the built-in templates that the eBOARD provides.  These built-in templates and examples, provided or approved by a variety of organizations, include the following (non-exhaustive):

  • AdvancED District Accreditation Self-Assessment
  • AdvancED Standards for Quality Schools
  • Arkansas School Boards Association Superintendent Evaluation
  • GSBA Governance Team Self-Assessment
  • GSBA Superintendent Evaluation (Example)
  • Missouri DESE Superintendent Evaluation
  • Missouri School Boards' Association Board Self-Assessment
  • North Carolina DPI Superintendent Evaluation Instrument
  • NSBA Key Work of School Boards Self-Assessment

These updates are free of charge to existing eBOARD Evaluation Modules.  All eBOARD sites will be updated on November 5th.

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eBOARD is a cloud-based governance tool that helps organizations by:

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eBOARD Modules include:

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