Edgenuity launches new webinar series and blog

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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Edgenuity, a leading provider of online and blended learning solutions, today announced the launch of its upcoming webinar series, “the Expert Edge,” and its blog, “the Edge.” Both initiatives are focused on elevating the discussion about the future of online and blended learning.

Edgenuity’s webinar series, the Expert Edge, will feature discussions and Q&A with highly-respected thinkers in education and online learning, including:

· Darrell M. West, Director of the Center for Technology Innovation at the Brookings Institution, on “The Power of Technology and the Changing Role of the Teacher” on September 26;

· Rick Hess, Resident Scholar and Director of Education Policy Studies at the American Enterprise Institute, on “The Promise of Personalized Learning to Create Lifelong, Self-Directed Learners” on October 24;

· Amy Murin, Lead Researcher for the annual report Keeping Pace with K-12 Online and Blended Learning, from the Evergreen Education Group, on “Keeping Pace with the K-12 Online and Blended Learning Landscape” on November 14.

Edgenuity’s blog, the Edge, will feature insight from Edgenuity experts on education trends, challenges and solutions, and will provide information that can help schools and districts propel success for every student.

Sari Factor, CEO of Edgenuity, Inc., commented, “Online and blended learning is increasingly in the spotlight, creating a pressing need for dialogue about how these models can help teachers and students achieve better outcomes. With the launch of our blog and webinar series, we hope to drive a candid, in-depth discussion about how online and blended learning programs can better prepare all students for college and career.”

To read and subscribe to Edgenuity’s blog, please visit http://blog.edgenuity.com/. To register for the September webinar with Darrell M. West, click here. To register for the October webinar with Rick Hess, click here. To register for the November webinar with Amy Murin, click here.

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