Edgenuity Offers Career and Technical Education (CTE) Curriculum

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Friday, May 3, 2013

Edgenuity, a leading provider of online and blended learning solutions, today announced a new offering of Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses designed to prepare students for job readiness in the 21st century.  A multi-year progression divided into three phases – Explorations, Career Planning and Life Skills, and Pathwaysleads students from identifying their career interests in middle school all the way to planning for professional certification in high school.  The full suite of instructional and elective blended learning offerings are also aligned to iNACOL standards.

“It is essential to prepare students not only for academic achievement, but also for the career and life skills they will need after graduation,” noted Sari Factor, CEO of Edgenuity.  “The right mix of academic and career-focused programs can give students a jump start on preparing for the high demand jobs of the future.  Our new CTE offerings ensure that students can assess their career interests early on, learn the professional skills they need to succeed, and begin to train for a career path even before they enter college or the workforce.” 

Edgenuity’s philosophy of engaging, interactive curriculum is embedded within its new CTE curriculum.  Video segments featuring real teachers and industry experts guide students through concepts and skills with visual support, dispersing instructional content through interactive tasks, vocabulary-building tools and project-based assessments.

  • Explorations, designed for students in grades 6-9, features the new Career Explorations course along with a suite of engaging electives.  Hands-on, project-based learning is coupled with interest and skill assessments, exposing students to pathways, qualifications, education, and training associated with all 16 U.S. Department of Labor Career Clusters™.  This foundational semester is followed by multimedia offerings in Computer Science, Digital Arts, Engineering, and Game Design.
  • Career Planning and Life Skills, designed for students in grades 7-10, offers courses to help build digital citizenship, personal wellness, study skills, employability skills and business literacy.  Courses like Personal Finance, Strategies for Academic Success, and Foundations of Personal Wellness guide student success in school and life beyond.
  • Pathways provides a capstone for students in grades 10-12, offering in-depth engagement with specific careers and professional training.  Foundation classes introduce students to Information Technology, Health Science, and Business.  Students go on to complete the pathways when they elect to take the occupational specialization courses and prepare to test for industry credentials as a Medical Coder, Nurse Assistant, Pharmacy Technician, A+ Certified Help Technician or Microsoft Office Specialist.

About Edgenuity

Edgenuity (formerly E2020, Inc) provides engaging online education solutions that propel success for every student, empower every teacher to deliver more effective instruction, and enable schools and districts to meet their academic goals. Edgenuity delivers a range of Core Curriculum, AP®, Elective, Career and Technical Education (CTE), and Credit Recovery courses aligned to the rigor and high expectations of state, Common Core and iNACOL standards and designed to inspire life-long learning.  Fully flexible for use in any blended or online learning model, Edgenuity supports an environment where personalized learning is possible. With 185 semester-long courses and growing, Edgenuity has already driven outcomes for more than one million students in schools and districts across the country.  For more information, and to see Edgenuity in action visit Edgenuity.com.