Education for all children critical for a bright future

Lauren Williams's picture
Monday, March 31, 2014

If one were to identify one common theme among the opinion pieces in Sunday’s Citizen Times, and perhaps most editions, it is a concern for future of our children. How do we protect our kids from bullying? How do we ensure they will have jobs? How do we protect them from abuse at home? How do we ensure they have a solid moral upbringing?

These are healthy discussions and concerns because at some point our children will become the leading generation. And if we fail to protect, guide, teach, and inspire them, what will become of the world? What will become of them and their children? No wonder there is such passion in our opinions — we have important work to do in preparing the next generation.

Clearly one of the best ways to equip our children for the future is to make sure that they all have a solid education — to ensure that they can communicate, think, work, innovate, and treat each other with compassion. If we deny our children a quality education we send the next generation limping into the future without the right tools.

Last month UNESCO released its annual Global Monitoring Report on Education, and it raises some concerns about how well we are preparing our children for the future. The report noted that, of the 650 million children in the world of grade school age, 250 million, or nearly 40 percent of them, cannot read a single sentence. And there are 57 million children who are not in school at all, a majority of them girls.

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