Education Board: Letter Grades Won't Work

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Thursday, November 15, 2012

State education board members assured teachers Wednesday that the Education Department's proposal to give teachers letter grades will not be part of South Carolina's performance-based evaluation system, which is set to start statewide in 2014-15.

Evaluating educators on an A to F scale is not going to work, and teachers should know the board is not heading in that direction, said board Chairman Dennis Thompson.

The comments followed a presentation by the state Association of School Administrators, which offered an alternative to the state's plan for evaluating teachers and principals. Development of its proposal involved surveys from nearly 8,300 teachers and 830 principals, said Sheila Huckabee, an assistant superintendent for Clover schools.

The governor's appointee, Michael Brenan, applauded her proposal as more in line with what businesses use.

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