An education budget for 'Classrooms and Kids'

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Monday, May 5, 2014

Policymakers debating the state budget in Lansing will soon decide how they’ll fund our school children.

Before them are several choices. There is one option that will maximize resources to the classroom — and it does so without raising taxes — so our kids have the resources they need to learn.

Dubbed the “Classrooms and Kids” budget, this plan is the one developed and supported by front-line educators and leaders across Michigan, including superintendents, principals, local school boards, parents and more. This plan provides a $250-$291 increase in per-pupil funding by eliminating $186 million in spending for special pots of money that have proven to be unstable and thus cannot be counted on to fund ongoing programs. The per-pupil increase also comes from dollars within the current state budget that taxpayers have consistently said should go to K-12 education.

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