Education Debates in N.J. Around For-Profits Miss Big Picture

Friday, October 12, 2012

The debate over digital-learning opportunities continues to heat up in New Jersey.

It has now moved beyond just wondering whether full-time virtual learning opportunities have a place in the state to also discussing the role of blended learning, a practice that many districts in the state have actually already adopted in various forms.

With lawsuits flying around and other shenanigans taking place (one lawsuit seeks to close down two schools that it said were full-time virtual schools, when they are in fact blended-learning schools, for example), I was pleased to have the opportunity about a month ago to travel to the Garden State to testify in a hearing before the Joint Committee on Public Schools about online learning.

It was a productive hearing, with good questions about online learning’s potential to transform the state’s education system into a student-centric one, as well as questions about the struggles that online learning has also had in some cases and how the state should think about them.

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