Education lotteries redistribute wealth from the poor to the rich

Lauren Williams's picture
Monday, March 3, 2014

Imagine if Alabama's lawmakers introduced a fee that would be collected from mostly everyone, but disproportionally from the poor, and used it to fund college scholarships for mostly everyone, but disproportionally for the rich.

Would you support it?

That lopsided scheme is what Democrats have been trying to establish in Alabama for the last 15-years: an education lottery. The basic idea is that ticket sales would fund college scholarships for students who maintain an A/B grade point average. Democrats in the Alabama House of Representatives recently announced that it's part of their legislative agenda this year, and three candidates for governor support the idea.

Regardless of one's opinion about gambling, the fact remains that poor families make up a disproportionate number of lottery players while most honor roll students come from middle income families and up.

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