Education Nation: Teaching Technology, Service to Teens in Colorado

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Front Range Christian School is a place that's centered on belief.

Not just religious beliefs, but teachers believe that the best way to transform students into good adults is through a mixture of the new and the old.

"We want every kid to go beyond themselves," said Brent Glossinger, director of discipleship at the Front Range Christian School.

Front Range is a private K-12 school located in Littleton. This year, teachers instilled the new part of their program by starting an iPad initiative to place one of the devices into to the hands of every student. "It was a little bit lifeless prior to the iPad initiative," said Gayle Kakac, video production teacher who also directs the iPad program. "We really didn't have a lot of technology."

Kakac says Front Range wanted to show people that religious, private schools can be cutting edge despite the perceptions of some. "I think there is a legitimate stereotype that a Christian school is not well funded and does have the technology it needs," said Kakac.

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