Education is a national security issue

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Monday, June 30, 2014

Today, in Oklahoma education the Common Core is a major issue. Much information, misinformation and emotion have been offered on this issue.

Briefly stated, Common Core is a public education standard suggested by the National Governors’ Association and the Council of Chief State School Officers, and it was developed by a group of educational specialists and has been adopted by 45 states, including Oklahoma. It was adopted in Oklahoma in 2010. It focuses on raising achievement standards for students in the public schools.

Compared to peers throughout the U.S., Oklahoma students at the 8th grade level ranked 39th in reading and 45th in mathematics. This comparison and other concerns about standards led to the adoption of Common Core in Oklahoma, as other states had done.

Common Core set standards emphasizing critical thinking and problem solving rather than rote memory. It is believed that this change will better prepare students for college or university and better serve them in the world of work. These skills are critical not only to being good citizens, but also to holding responsible jobs, especially those that focus on science, engineering, technology, math and in government at all levels. It is critical in decision-making at all levels. These skills should contribute to more pragmatic thinking, in place of the ideological thinking that has become so prominent.

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