Education needs right foundation

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Monday, June 17, 2013

Former New York City Schools Chancellor Joel Klein fought against "senseless" efforts to ban the use of student learning results to assess teacher effectiveness, block the ability for districts to dismiss incompetent teachers, prevent teacher pay from being linked to performance, and generally preserve and protect the status quo. He once stated, "the Kafkaesque outcome demonstrates precisely the way the education system is run: for the adults."

But how are the kids in the Empire State doing?

According to the Nation's Report Card, the majority of students in New York are not proficient in reading and math. The achievement gaps are vast. While 46 percent of white fourth- and eighth-graders in New York are proficient in reading, only 18 percent of African-American students and 20 percent of Hispanic students meet those same grade level expectations. In eighth grade, just 13 percent of African-American and Hispanic students are proficient in math, compared to 40 percent of white students.

New York's graduation rate is 77 percent with only 69 percent of low-income students graduating in four years.

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