Education needs sensible reform and targeted funding

Lauren Williams's picture
Thursday, June 6, 2013

During the annual Detroit Regional Chamber Policy Conference on Mackinac Island the only thing more consistent than the lingering smells of horse manure and fudge is the call for school reform and additional school funding. 

Once again the chamber attracted some "big-name" education reformers to Mackinac: former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and former head of Washington, D.C.’s school system and now leader of Student First, Michelle Rhee.

Next year the goal should be to skip inviting “experts” from afar and instead focus on inviting the team of Michigan educators, policy and political leaders who have actually “fixed” our educational mess.

The news that the Buena Vista School District closed its doors, along with the threat of the Pontiac School District doing the same — even before the school year has officially ended — is a national embarrassment. This was followed by the sobering news that the Albion School District will be closing its high school next year because it can’t afford to keep it open. 

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