Education Secretary Duncan Defends Big Increase in School Funding

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Friday, March 23, 2012

Education Secretary Arne Duncan used Thursday’s appearance before a key House subcommittee to not only defend the Obama administration’s request for a $1.7 billion increase in school funding for fiscal 2013, but also to rip the GOP budget proposal laid out by Rep. Paul Ryan earlier this week.

“However well-intentioned, the Ryan plan would lead to catastrophic cuts in education,” Mr. Duncan said of the blueprint put forth by Mr. Ryan, Wisconsin Republican and chairman of theHouse Budget Committee. Mr. Ryan’s panel passed his proposal Wednesday night, and it is expected to come to the House floor as early as next week.

Both Mr. Ryan’s proposal and the administration’s budget are unlikely to become law, and the Democrat-controlled Senate is poised to forgo a formal budget for the fourth year in a row.

Despite its poor prospects for passage, the Ryan plan, which over the next decade allots $5.2 trillion less than the Obama proposal, was held up by Mr. Duncan as an example of Republicans’ intent to balance “the budget on the backs of America’s students.”

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