Edvance360 debuts new learning management system

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Edvance360, a leading provider of eLearning solutions, one of the top ten tools for online teaching, as well as 2011 winner and six-time-finalist for the CODiE Award for Best Course or Learning Management System, has announced its release of Edvance360 LMS-SN Version 7.4.1, which includes a number of new features such an exciting new LTI-integration with Vital Source, a leading provider of e-textbooks.

The latest release includes:


Vital Source Integration

Edvance360 is now partnered with Vital Source to bring you a seamless E-Textbook integration.

Through LTI connectivity, administrators may now provide E-Textbook content to any course.

VitalSource Bookshelf is the preferred and most used e-textbook delivery platform in education. Bookshelf users can access content from more than 500 of the world's top academic publishers whenever and wherever they choose--laptop, desktop or mobile device--and can download content directly or access it via browser. Serving over 4 million users on 6,000 campuses.

Enrollment Administration

Expiring Enrollments Report & Extension

Administrators may now view a report of upcoming course enrollment expirations. Expiring enrollments happen one of three ways: 1) If a course end date has been set and is coming due; 2) if a course length has been set; 3) and if a student has a specific, unique expire date for the course.

The report allows you to see whose enrollments are expiring in which course and extend them on an individual basis, if desired.

This report and tool may be accessed in the Admin > Reports > Expiring Enrollments section.

Automated Course Expiration Notifications

Administrators may now send alerts as courses are nearing expiration and should be set up by an administrator in the Administration Panel. Administrators may set the number of days until expiration, such as '5', meaning five days before expiration date, the alert will be sent automatically. This criterion may be set for as many notifications as desired. For example you may have one for ten days, five days and one day, each having their own subject and body, and available macros for inserting the user’s name, the expire date, or course name. The alert will go out the morning of the specified day.

Mothership Updates

Granular Filter

Administrators may now select which modules to specifically update when a sync is run from the Mothership. For example, if only the 'Tests' are selected for sync, then only the tests will get updated in the sub-accounts.

Apply to All Sub Accounts

Administrators may now select any number of sub-accounts to apply changes to instead of applying changes individually to each account.

Sub Account Skip Sync Option

Sub-account administrators and instructors may now opt out of sync processes initiated by Mothership-account administrators. For example, if an administrator wants a particular lesson item to be skipped during the next sync, they may mark that item to skip. This will remain until the skip checkbox has been unchecked. This helps to prevent overriding content that has been modified by the sub-account admins.

Registration Portal

Registration Portal Features Added

We have developed additional features for the registration portal. These features are not automatically installed on clients’ custom system, and may be opted into for an installation charge:

Search Feature: Allows users to search for products by keyword on the name, description and instructor name.

Coupon Code: Coupon codes have been improved to allow application to only specified products, instead of the entire order.

Coupon Code Report: This report details the breakdown of purchases by coupon code.

Admin Point of Sale: This feature allows an administrator to initiate a sale on behalf of a client.

About Edvance360

Edvance360 is an Internet-based Learning Management System (LMS) and secure social network that enables institutions to implement a successful online academic program. Edvance360 equips schools, corporations, and organizations to host online courses, implement modular courses, and revitalize residential courses. Edvance360 was designed by educators for educators, with insight provided by many of the leading educational design experts. Our clients enjoy a high return on their investment, personalized support, and customizable solutions. We do not believe a one-size-fits-all approach is beneficial to our clients, so we are committed to adapting Edvance360 to fit the needs of the rapidly changing world of education. Edvance360 is headquartered in Norfolk, Virginia, with operations in Georgia and North Carolina. For more information, please visit www.edvance360.com or call 866-458-0360.