El Rancho (Calif.) Bond Funds, School Repairs Still Waiting

Lauren Williams's picture
Thursday, April 18, 2013

In 2010, voters in the El Rancho Unified School District approved a $52 million bond to pay for school repair and improvement projects.

But over two years later, only about $5 million of the bond money has been used, and an earlier school bond passed in 2003 still has $12 million of unspent money "" even though the district has pressing needs for new classrooms, equipment and repairs.

There are holes under the roof of the girls weight room at El Rancho High School and birds fly in and leave droppings on the floor, the wooden floor of the boys weight room is in splinters and has to be covered with rubber mats, the science and culinary arts rooms are antiquated, and parts of the girls locker room are covered in mold, the Daily News observed on a visit to the school on April 4.

"The last two years have been a waste of time," Aurora Villon, chairwoman of the bond oversight committee, told the school board at its March meeting, in frustration over the lack of building projects. "We have not accomplished much. Sad to say, we're still having the same discussions we were having two years ago. "

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