Elmer's launches "Early Learners" product line for preschoolers

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Monday, October 21, 2013

Elmer's Products, Inc., announced the official launch of Elmer's Early Learners, a first-of-its-kind product line designed to meet the specific learning and developmental needs of preschool-age children. The line includes a glue pen and glue stick that help children develop fine motor skills while encouraging creative and independent play. The glue stick is available at all Target stores (MRSP $2.19). The glue stick and glue pen are available at select Wal-Mart stores and on Walmart.com (MSRP $2.19).

"With more than 65 years experience working closely with educators and parents of school-age children, we have recognized that preschool is where many important life and learning skills are developed," said Roger Posacki, president and CEO of Elmer's Products. "After years of expert testing, classroom observation and conversations with moms, the Elmer's Early Learners line marks our brand's entry into designing products specifically for the preschool-age child. We look forward to building on this launch."

According to the National Association for the Education of Young Children, gluing is a skill that supports children's development and learning. Yet no product existed at market to help preschool-age children develop this skill until now, with the introduction of Elmer's Early Learners line. Triangular in shape, the Elmer's Early Learners glue stick and glue pen help preschoolers by encouraging the development of critical fine motor skills, including the precise pincer grasp, the pre-writing tripod grasp and active manipulation of objects, which are highly predictive of academic success in elementary school reading and math. The products also encourage creativity and imaginative play, which are critical to cognitive development in a young mind.

Other product features include:

Chunky, triangle shape makes the product easy to hold for young hands and prevents the product from rolling away.

An easy-to-pull-off cap on the glue stick and simple screw-off cap on the glue pen means children can play more independently, building their confidence.

The glue stick has an angled tip to aid in proper grip. The glue pen has a controlled application for less mess. Early Learners goes on purple and dries clear so children can easily see where glue has been applied.

The Early Learners line was created by Elmer's, which means it is not only optimally functional, it is safe, non-toxic and washable.

Coinciding with the product launch, Elmer's also developed the Elmer's Early Learners Academy, which offers valuable resources, playtime tips, expert advice, lessons, craft projects and more for parents, grandparents and caregivers to encourage learning while using the product. For more information, visit www.elmers.com/earlylearners.

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