Ex-U.S Education Official Knocks School Closings As ‘Destabilizing’

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Closing public schools to reopen new ones destroys communities and does nothing to better educate children, education historian and New York University professor Diane Ravitch told the City Club of Chicago Monday.

And charters are no silver bullet, she said to an audience that included Gov. Pat Quinn, UNO Charter head Juan Rangel and CTU president Karen Lewis.

“You can’t fix the schools by closing them,” she said. “What’s so destabilizing is the idea you can keep closings schools and opening schools, closing schools and reopening schools.”

Chicago Public Schools must publicize its list of proposed schools to close by Dec. 1, rumored to number around 100. CPS officials have conceded that they want to “restructure” the district, and “right-size’’ its buildings, which hold 200,000 more seats than kids. Local charter networks plan to expand their number of campuses, too.

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